Friday, 17 November 2017

A Story About A Counterfeit Dress

Several years ago, whilst at Sydney's Royal Easter Show, I spotted a stand that had this dress I'd had my eye on for months. As you'll see below, it's blue, it's dotty and it's sooooo me. Despite being a size too big and ill-fitting in certain parts (I've since had it altered twice to suit my body & tastes), I happily purchased it + a red belt (because, you know, accessorising) without a second thought. It wasn't until I got it home & searched for a laundry label that the "fun" began. This dress doesn't have one, which struck (and still strikes) me as odd.

So what does a girl do when she needs info in a snap? She turns to the interwebs of course.

Monday, 13 November 2017

No Body's Perfect

Whilst on my holiday of a lifetime last year, I had an epiphany in (of all places) a change room. As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, wearing only a sports bra/crop top & ¾ tights, I realised that my body wasn't half as bad as the voice inside my head said it was. That my legs didn’t deserve all the grief I’d given them for not resembling those of a supermodel. That I actually looked none too shabby whilst rockin’ the activewear activewear.

I’ve had various body image-related epiphanies in change rooms over the years & this was yet another powerful reminder that I needed to stop giving myself so much shit for not looking like some perceived ideal. Granted, I’m still not consistent in the messages I feed myself – every now & again I'll plunge into a self-esteem shit spiral over eating too much chocolate & not exercising enough  – but I know I’ve got better with body-positive self-talk as I’ve got older.

However, like every other woman out there, I haven’t always felt great about myself.

Friday, 10 November 2017

How To Make Your Own Nut Butter

Hola mi amigas! Today I'm going to deviate from the norm just a little & deliver my first ever food/recipe-related post by teaching you all how to make your own nut butter.

Over the past 12-18 months I've begun to think a little more about what goes into our food, or more specifically, what I was putting into my mouth at breakfast. On any given day, I typically eat peanut buttered toast with a bowl of fruit for breakfast. I started thinking that the commercial peanut butter I was eating was filled with sugar & salt, something I didn't feel my body needed as I was getting enough of both throughout the day. I eventually switched to a peanut butter made by a health food store I like to frequent; but that habit began to get expensive as this fresh peanut butter was priced by its weight (and I was going through it + their almond butter far too quickly), so I thought "why not make it myself? Surely it can't be that hard!"...and it isn't. Making your own nut butters might be an adjustment for your tastebuds, but I personally feel it's worth it because at least you'll know exactly what's gone into them. I won't lie, I still occasionally buy a commercial peanut butter, but I make sure it doesn't contain sugar or salt.

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Monthly Happy List (October)

Stock photo - not me!
Hola mi amigas & happy Monday!

When I think about the month that has been, I'm stumped as to how to describe it. I guess it was neither here nor there. There were some highlights though & that's what I'm (naturally) going to focus on right here.

Let's see what made me happy in October:

Friday, 3 November 2017

Empties Time! (September/October)

Hola mi amigas & happy Friday!

Despite the image above, I can't say I finished up a whole lot of stuff during the first 2 months of Spring; but what I can say is that I finally used up a couple of things that I'd been itching to finish & replace with other products.

Let's get into it: